Dr. Haircut

a panicked face makes the peacock proud

narshasism asked: ALL THE POKEBALLS

god this is gonna be long

poké ball: Cynthia is a badass
premier: Flaaffy bc it’s cute as hell
great: i’ve always been really fond of ghost types
ultra: definitely Crystal, has the most sentimental attachment for me
master: i feel like riding to work on a Gogoat would be pretty fun
nest: something not too big with a sea view
net: fishing is so boring but it’s pretty chill, bugs are creepy
safari: i’ve been to France and Spain a few times each and that’s it
level: idk i don’t think i really have any talent
sport: lol nope
timer: i love to draw that’s like my only real hobby
dive: yes i love to swim! it’s about the only form of exercise i enjoy
park: i’m not the outdoorsy type really
dusk: definitely a night owl, mornings are terrible
heavy: there’s a cafe near me that does the most amazing fry up in the world and i would probably eat it every day if i could
luxury: mid 2000s emo but i think that kind of goes without saying
repeat: this is dorky but seeing MCR or Crystal Castles live again would be ideal!!
quick: nothing omg
moon: stay in with like a couple of close friends tbh
friend: idk just being easy to talk to really
heal: no not that i can think of, had the opposite a few times i guess
love: beards, dark hair, brown eyes, big arms and tummies!!
lure: kiss my neck and you’re in basically
cherish: sleep is the only thing i really cherish

leonardplummccoy asked: *throws fast ball and dream ball* lmao

fast ball: biggest accomplishment: the first guy i ever ate out was like “that’s the most amazing rimjob i’ve ever had” and i’ve just always been very proud of that

dream ball: biggest dream: to get into illustration or design would be cool. idk just doing something i genuinely enjoy for a living would be pretty rad